8 Ways to Immigrate to Canada

There are only a few ways one can immigrate to Canada, and the various steps are way different from the others.

Many people desire the sight and taste of living a good life. Where they would have a view of a new culture and have the chance to come across new people from different walks of life.

Everyone wishes to have a taste of new delicacies. These and many others are what Canada has to give immigrants annually.

Many reasons might propel an individual to relocate to Canada. Generally, migrating to Canada is more of a search for a better life. Hence, the reason the 8 ways to immigrate to Canada are made available for you.

8 Ways to Immigrate to Canada

Migrating to Canada is not as arduous as you are made to think.

Still, the simplest ways to relocate to Canada can look different for a lot of people, but with the view that you are required to be rich, skilled, or have a sort of artistic skill before you can easily gain access to the country.

Hence, the following Canada immigration programs are made accessible to even the least paid individuals to gain passage into the country, in a fast and simple way. They include:

1. Express Entry Program

Canada’s Express Entry immigration program was initiated on the 1st of January, 2015 with the single objective of covering up any needless setbacks in the country’s workforce.

This entails the choosing of competent specialists and trained employees that would fill in the lapses in the Canadian workforce by using the numerous economic immigration programs available in the country.

Applying immigrants are classified on a list. The highest-ranked applicants are then called on to apply for permanent residency status (visa) in the country. This is ranked with the following in mind:

  • Age grade
  • Educational qualification
  • Language mastery
  • Level of work experience
  • And other relevant aspects
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Moving into Canada as a trained worker, the fairest bet for you should be the Express Entry program. It equally grants you the privilege to bring in your family members. It also makes it easy for you to get the Canadian permanent residency status within a few months.

2. Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) is an essential fraction of Canada’s immigration process. An approximate number of 250,00 new immigrants are liable to get permanent residency status in Canada with the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) from 2021 and 2023.

It is even noted that the sum rises annually for PNP applicants.

The manner this function is that every province in the country apart from Quebec has its own Provincial Nominee Program stream and every provincial stream is built with the single aim of fulfilling its special immigration goals which would, in turn, relate to their various economic and demographic necessities.

You should know that the requirements and application procedures for the various Canadian province may differ!

3. Family Sponsorship Program

To ensure this stage is well understood, we will be stressing more on Canadian immigration family sponsorship for parents or grandparents, and the other inland spousal/common-law sponsorship programs.

The Spousal Sponsorship program for Canadian immigration is a department in the Family Class immigration sector. There an applicant with permanent residency status in Canada or a rightful Canadian citizen can fund his or her spouse (common-law partner) and help them get their permanent resident visa in the country.

In the initial years of 2017 and 2018, the Parent and Grandparent Program (PGP) initiated a lottery system that gives random applicants the chance to be picked for an opportunity to apply for Canadian permanent residency status. But the system was later revoked in 2019 when the program moved back to its previous “early application” system of acceptance.

4. Quebec-Skilled Selected Workers Program

As stated initially, every province in the country of Canada apart from Quebec has its own Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) stream. Therefore, the Quebec-Skilled Worker (QSW) program is one of the limited routes to immigrate to Canada with a pretty remarkable set of skills and work experience. This is especially for new immigrants that want to move into Quebec.

The program is directed at allotting fully to the economic expansion and advancement of the province of Quebec.

Because the official language there is French, you don’t need to take part in any language proficiency test, hence making it truly simple for native English speakers to have an easy passage into the country.

5. Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

This is one of the several means to relocate to Canada for skilled international workers or graduates who are in search of a way to live and work in one of Canada’s four (4) Atlantic provinces – Edward Island, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, and Labrador, and Nova Scotia.

The needed prerequisite for this program entails displaying evidence of an accepted job proposal from any of the above-mentioned Atlantic Provinces of Canada.

6. Canada Caregiver Program

Canada’s Caregiver immigration program is only for the short term, here, international caregivers that have a working experience as home childcare or support providers in Canada are given passage to apply for permanent residence status in Canada.

7. Agri-Food Pilot Program

Canada’s Agri-Food Pilot program began accepting new immigrants in May 2020 with the sole purpose of filling up shortcomings in labor in Canada’s agri-food sector. This is particularly in the meat processing and mushroom production industry.

8. Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program

This is equally one of the means to relocate to Canada. It was introduced by the rural community in Canada as of 2019.

The program was initiated as an endeavor to assist new international skilled workers that aspire to live and work in these local communities in Canada to gain a chance to apply for a Canadian permanent resident visa.


Canada is widely known to do their best when it comes to receiving new sets of immigrants to its country annually. The various accessible ways to relocate to Canada all depend on the main reason for your immigration.

Nonetheless, the current immigration processes have seen new immigrants to live in cities like Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver in Canada. Also, as good as these cities might appear you have a high chance of obtaining a Canadian permanent residence status by applying to the least populated places in Canada.

But then, you can live and gain your Canadian permanent residence status anywhere in Canada.

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