List of Affordable Universities In Canada For African Students


Over 640,000 foreign students constantly enroll in Canada. This isn’t surprising, since the nation features world-class universities, a high standard of living, and superb security. Like a lot of foreign students, you are able to study in Canada without having to spend a lot of money. You can obtain a very good Canadian education for a low-cost price so long as you go to any of these affordable colleges in Canada.

Why Are Canadian Universities Popular With International Students?


First of all, international pupils tend to be attracted by the high ranking of Canadian colleges and universities. Such colleges as McGill University, the Faculty of Toronto, McMaster Faculty, and the Faculty of British Columbia, compete with the Ivy League as well as the esteemed colleges of the United Kingdom.

. For more details on these scholarships, you can go to the University of Toronto, and McGill University of British Columbia. The 2nd reason that international students wish to study in Canada is due to its stunning nature. This nation is well known for its attractiveness and its intriguing plants and animals.

Because places like Nova Scotia, Vancouver, and Quebec are well known tourist destinations, a lot of international pupils wish to research in Canada to see as well as experience the beautiful and magnificent nature.  Last, Canadian colleges and universities provide undergraduate, Master’s, and Ph.D. programs with inexpensive tuition. Additionally, it is easy to get specialized degrees including an MBA or a Medical doctor, by paying inexpensive tuition fees. It is important to point out that these tuition figures change based on your major, so figures are typical.


1.    Newfoundland as well as Labrador University Undergraduate Tuition Cost:

Costs for Graduate pupils begin at CAD 2,000 ($1,570) a program. From CAD 710 (USD 560) Per Semester Newfoundland and Labrador’s University, also called the Memorial Faculty of Mun or Newfoundland, will be the most inexpensive faculty in Canada for international students. It had been founded in 1925 in memory of world war I veterans. It’s among the biggest institutions in Atlantic Canada as well as the only one supplying Labrador and Newfoundland to this day.

The MUN possesses 7 faculties in Arts, Business, Engineering, Medicine, Education, Science, and Nursing. It also has 6 facilities in the fields of Pharmacy, Recreation, Social Work, Human Kinetics, Music, and Graduate Studies.

MUN attracts numerous international students from around the globe due to its inexpensive tuition. Currently, 20 % of its students come from more than 100 countries.


2.University of Manitoba Undergraduate Tuition Cost:

Starting from CAD 18,100 (USD 14,170) Per year Graduate Tuition Fees: The University of Manitoba is a public research University having campuses in Fort Garry and Bannatyne, from CAD 12,000 (USD 9,390) a year. Historically it was established in 1877 as the very first academic institution in Western Canada. U of M provides its many programs through the institutions of Agriculture, Music, Business, Human Ecology, Social Work, Science, Kinesiology, Engineering, Education, Art, Architecture, Rehabilitation Science, Environment, and Graduate Studies. The University of M presently has a student population of nearly 28,800. Many of the pupils are local, however, 18 % of the group are international – entrants.

3.Concordia University Undergraduate Tuition Fees (USD):

Graduate Tuition charges begin at CAD 24,000 (USD 18,800) a year. Concordia University may be the most affordable Faculty in Canada for overseas students at CAD 24,000 (USD 18,800) a year. It’s a large public institution in the French-speaking Montreal, Quebec region. Even though this’s accurate, it mainly uses English as a medium for instruction. Concordia was established as a merging of Loyola College and George Williams University. It’s divided into the faculties of Fine Arts, Science and arts, Engineering & amp; Computer Science, Graduate Studies, and Business. Concordia University is renowned for its highly regarded John Molson School of Business as among the best colleges in Canada. Out of the 31,000 students enrolled at Concordia, thirty-one % happen to be foreign.

4.McGill University Undergraduate Tuition Cost:

Graduate Tuition charges begin at CAD 26,500 (USD 20,750) a year. From CAD 19,000 (USD 14,900) Per year Scholarship Link Founded in 1821, McGill University is a private research university named after founder James McGill. It features campuses on Montreal Island as well as downtown Montreal. The university, recognized for providing the highest quality for admission, provides 300 programs through the faculties of Agriculture, Religious Studies, Medicine, Management, Law, Engineering, Education, Dentistry, Arts, Science, and Continuing Education.

McGill is recognized for having one of the more diverse student populations on the planet, with 30 % of its students coming from 150 nations around the world. It’s grown to be an appealing location for a lot of foreigners since McGill is ranked among the top three universities in Canada and among the top 50 universities on the planet.

5.    Ryerson Faculty Undergraduate Tuition Fees:

Graduate Tuition charges begin at CAD 30,000 (USD 23,500) a year. From CAD 27,000 (USD 21,140) Per year Located in downtown Toronto is yet another one of Canada’s lowest-priced public research institutions, Ryerson University. It was established as the Ryerson Institute of Technology in 1948, prior to being given the name of the university in 1993. Aside from having the biggest business school in the nation – the Ted Rogers School of Management – it also concentrates on the areas of the Arts, Design and Communication, Community Services, Architecture and Engineering, and Science. Ryerson boasts the smallest international student body when compared with the majority of Canadian universities. They comprise just five % of the 34,500 students at the university.

6.University of New Brunswick Undergraduate Tuition Cost:

Graduate Tuition charges begin at CAD 10,000 (USD 7,830) a year. The faculty of New UNB or Brunswick is an inexpensive University in Canada with campuses in Fredericton and Saint John, beginning at CAD 10,000 (USD 7,830) a year. It’s the earliest Canadian university in the English language, established in 1785. It’s additionally among the earliest in North America, created by seven loyalists that left the US following the American revolution. The UNB provides seventy-five master’s degrees and seventy-five bachelor’s degrees in thirty areas. They are the Arts, Nursing, Leadership Studies, Law, Kinesiology, Forestry, Engineering, Computer Science, Business, and Science. Thirteen % of the 8,570 students in the school are comprised of people of international nationality.

7.Faculty of Alberta Undergraduate Tuition Fees:

Graduate Tuition charges begin at CAD 30,000 (USD 23,500) a year. The University of Alberta is really a public academic institution situated in Edmonton, Canada, Alberta, from CAD 9,000 (USD 7,050) a year Scholarship Link. It initially opened its doors in 1908 by way of the efforts of premier Alexander Cameron Rutherford and university president Henry Marshall Tory. The University of a features faculties in the areas of Agriculture, Business, Arts, Education, Engineering, Graduate Studies, Law, Dentistry and Medicine, Rehabilitation Medicine, Kinesiology, Pharmacy, Nursing, indigenous Studies, Public Science and Health. The University’s 7,800 foreign students represent 151 nations.

8. Faculty of British Columbia Undergraduate Tuition Fees:

Graduate Tuition costs begin at CAD 5,700 (USD 4,460) a year. From CAD 45,000 (USD 35,200) a year Scholarship Link Founded in 1908, the University of British Columbia (UBC) may be the oldest university in the province. It’s the alma mater of a lot of well-known Canadians, such as the present prime minister Justin Trudeau, with offices in Kelowna and Vancouver. This inexpensive university in Canada for international pupils offers various faculties in each branch. Its Vancouver campus houses the departments of Applied Science, Arts, Dentistry, Education, Food Systems, Medicine, Science, and Pharmacy. The UBC boasts the greatest percentage of overseas pupils, which makes it the Canadian School with probably the highest percentage. At this time, thirty-two % of the 53,000 students at the University represent various countries in different countries. A lot of international students are drawn to UBC due to its status as among the best 3 universities in Canada.

9.University of Ottawa Undergraduate Tuition Cost:

Graduate Tuition charges begin at CAD 40,000 (USD 31,300) a year. From CAD 19,000 Per year Scholarship Link Also referred to as the U of O, the University of Ottawa may be the biggest bilingual university on the planet. This affordable university in Canada is situated in Ontario, where it was established as the College of Bytown in 1848. Its Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees are administered by ten faculties focused on Arts, Education, Engineering, Health Science, Law (Common and civil), Medicine, Management, and Science. The University features 7,000 students from around the world. This diverse population represents more than 150 nations around the world.

10.University of Toronto Undergraduate Tuition Cost:

Graduate Tuition charges begin at CAD 60,000 (USD 47,000) a year. From CAD 30,000 (USD 23,500) a year Scholarship Link Founded as King’s College in 1827, the University of Toronto (U of T) may be the oldest university in Ontario. It’s additionally the highest ranked Canadian University worldwide Rankings, at number 18, sixteen notches in front of the next-in-line University of British Columbia. U of T is split into a number of faculties, which include; Science, Applied Engineering and Science, Social Work, Education, Public Policy, Management, Law, Public Health, Kinesiology, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Nursing, Medicine, Information, Forestry, Music, Architecture, and Theology. With a student population of more than 74,000, twenty-two % of these, or 16,000, originate from nations all over the globe. I am hoping the article on inexpensive universities in Canada was useful to you. For more details on this go to the Canada Programs for International Students site.

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