Can You Score 10/10 In This Canada Quiz To Get Canada Visa


very year, lots of young people log on to the internet to check for Canada student visa. Apparently, they want to study in Canada. For you to study in Canada, you basically need to obtain a Canadian study permit. In some cases where your course or study duration is less than 6 months, you won’t necessarily be needing a study permit.

Answer some few Questions about Canada to Stand A chance of Canada Study Visa which comes with work permit , All you have to the is to answer the questions and at least score 60% which give you a higher chance . offer end soon do well to partake in this Canada Quiz It increase your chance of moving to Canada this year 2022.

Note: You can take the quiz as many times as you can it boost you chance higher

  • Question of

    What Is The Capital of Canada?

    • Labrador
    • Quebec
    • Abuja
    • Ottawa
  • Question of

    Which Year Canada Officially Become An Independent Nation?

    • 1982
    • 1804
    • 2020
    • 1900
  • Question of

    What Did You Called A Canada Citizen

    • Cad
    • American
    • Canadian
    • All Of The Above
  • Question of

    Manitoba Is Home To The World’s Largest Population Of What?

    • Tomatos
    • Garter snakes
    • Ferrets
    • Rice
  • Question of

    What Color Is Canada Flag ?

    • Red And Black
    • Black And White
    • White And Green
    • Red and White
  • Question of

    How Many Times Has America Invaded Canada?

    • Only Once
    • None
    • Four Times
    • Twice
  • Question of

    Is It Illegal To Say “Sorry” In Canadian Courts?

    • Yep, Lawyers Couldn’t Stop.;
    • That Can’t Be True.
  • Question of

    How Many Color Do Canada Flag Have

    • 10
    • 50
    • 0
    • 2
  • Question of

    What Is Canada’s Motto?

    • Semper Fi
    • Propriis
    • A Mari Usque Ad Mare
    • Alis Volat
  • Question of

    What Is The Canadian 1 Dollar Called?

    • YesPumper
    • Moosie
    • Loonie
    • Lee

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